Sunday, 24 March 2013

Bathroom Storage with Vintage Glass

Stock xchng - bretwaldaDo you have a vintage inspired bathroom? One way to accessorize it is with vintage glass used to store your typical bathroom items such as:

cotton balls, q-tips, soap, candles, tooth brushes, make-up/shaving, accessories, hair accessories.

This smokey brown apothecary type glass jar is perfect for a dramatic cotton ball holder.

Think outside the box when considering unique repurposing of vintage glass for example:

  • use cordial glasses or juice glasses for q-tips 
  • use dessert dishes, compotes, champagne glasses or martini glasses or saucers as soap dishes.  
  • use sugar dishes or candy dishes for cotton balls or pads
  • use mason jars for cotton balls, q-tips, barrettes or other small items

Give your bathroom a pop of colour with coloured vintage glass to match your towels or  
 tiles!  You can mix and match colours too but keep them to a colour tone theme i.e. all pastels or jewel tones 
If you choose to re-purpose glass as a candle holder, it is important to not use tea lights with the metal cups.  The metal cups will get too hot and may crack the glass.

To maintain the freshness of a clean, white bathroom, choose clear glass containers and jars and fill them with white cotton balls, cotton pads, candles, q-tips and soaps.

A fabulous use for a vintage decanter is to fill it with bath salts.  Here I've used epsom salts that I've added some drops of essential oils such as: lavender, ylang ylang, peppermint (great for soaking feet), bergamot, geranium, rose, and vanilla.  The decanter worked well as I was able to drop the essential oils (I used lavender and ylang ylang) into the salts once I put them in the decanter and swirled the salts to mix the oil and the salts...voila!

Have a look at this great Etsy Treasury by Katie Bashford called Blue and Green Bathroom which featured my teal lidded jar.

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